A warm welcome to Dhamma Yatra,

(Dhamma=nature, law, teachings of the Buddha; Yatra= journey, pilgrimage)

Here you will find amazing journeys combined with wonderful opportunities to meditate.

The deeply inspiring sites at which the Buddha and other important Dhamma teachers have spend their lives and taught, give you a unique opportunity to develop your practice.

Naturally you will get to experience both the land and the people. I am happy to share with you my many years of travel knowledge of India and Nepal together with my appreciation of Vipassana meditation.

India/Nepal - Yatra along the Path

Nepal - Tsum Valley

Nepal - Langtang

Nepal - Upper-Mustang Trekking Tour

Nepal - Far Western Himalaya Trekking zum Rara-See


Tibet - Kailash

Nepal - Yoga and Meditation in the Lap of the Himalayas